Unlike astrology, cardology is not grounded in any observable phenomena such as the movement of planets in the solar system. It depends on a Birth Card chart that assigns a particular card to each person according to their day of birth and on a series of ninety Age Spreads produced by a simple controlled shuffle of the deck called quadration.

Stefan Meyer's narrative delves into the mathematics behind this system while also raising broader questions regarding how metaphysical systems used for divination or predictive purposes work. Do they simply allow the human mind to see what it wants to see, or do they represent an actual mathematical or metaphysical structure embedded in the fabric of human existence?

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Mysteries of Cardology

Stefan G. Meyer's Mysteries of Cardology is an account of the author’s attempt to delve into the mysterious basis of the science of the cards, also known as cardology--a system of divination, prediction, and personal understanding based  on the ordinary deck of playing cards that we're all familiar with from such games as poker, bridge, and solitaire.

About Stefan G. Meyer, Ph.D.

  • Published author and editor, former college instructor, and lifelong student of metaphysics and spirituality
  • Publisher of G. Meyer Books & Spiritual Traveler Press.
  • Studied the methods of Robert Lee Camp and Iain McLaren-Owens, two of the foremost authorities on this unique metaphysical system.
  • Brings a solution-oriented approach to his practice. His readings provide a spiritual alternative to mainstream counseling, focusing instantly on the problem, question, or issue at hand and pointing the optimal direction to take.

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