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Hello, I’m Stefan G. Meyer, Ph.D.

Expert personal counselor utilizing Cardology, also known as the Ancient Science of the Cards

It’s been many years since I first set up my card reading booth at an outdoor new age festival in Millis, Massachusetts. Since then I have gained a great deal of knowledge and experience until now I can justifiably claim to be among the leading experts in this field.

A psychic reader first introduced me to the work on Robert Camp, one of the leading authorities on Cardology. I studied his books casually for a long time before officially enrolling as a student. Later, I became interested in the work of Iain McLaren-Owens, whose methods differed considerably from Camp’s.

I corresponded with Iain by e-mail for a number of years. Gradually, I developed a method of my own that incorporates techniques from both individuals as well as some innovations of my own. Much of this information can found in my books: Card Chemistry: The Secret Science of Relationships and Mysteries of Cardology.

It’s important to emphasize that my work in no ways resembles that of psychic readers. I don’t make predictions, foretell the future, or tell you what you must or should do. My work first involves thoroughly discussing your background and issues beforehand. I then research the influence that the cards may be exerting on you and your significant relationships. Finally, I give you the insight and perspective to deal with whatever challenges you are facing and a constructive, healthy, and positive way.

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Mysteries of Cardology

A system of self-understanding that leads to spiritual growth

Mysteries of Cardology is an account my attempt to delve into the mysterious basis of Cardology, also known as the Ancient Science of the Cards–a system of self-understanding understanding based on the ordinary deck of playing cards that we’re all familiar with from such games as poker, bridge, and solitaire.

Unlike astrology, Cardology is not grounded in any observable phenomena such as the movement of planets in the solar system. It involves a Birth Card chart that assigns a particular card to each person according to their day of birth, a series of ninety Age Spreads produced by a simple controlled shuffle of the deck called quadration, and a system of interpretation based on the “language” of the deck of 52 cards, made up of thirteen face values and four suits.

The first-person narrative delves into the mathematics behind this system while also raising broader questions regarding how metaphysical systems used for divination or predictive purposes work. Do they simply allow the human mind to see what it wants to see, or do they represent an actual mathematical or metaphysical structure embedded in the fabric of human existence? This book will be valued both by people seeking a more advanced understanding of Cardology as well as those interested in the broader questions of how metaphysics fits into the overall pattern and structure of human life.

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