Hello, I’m Stefan G. Meyer, Ph.D.

Expert personal counseling via the Ancient Science of the Cards

As you can see from the photo, I’ve been doing this for a long time. I’ve gained a lot of experience since I started by setting up my card reading booth at new age festivals and psychic fairs. I joined a prominent new age spiritual group at the age of 22, rose to a high rank before becoming disillusioned with organized religion, earned a Ph.D., taught for a number of years on the college level, and became a published author and editor, but never lost my interest in metaphysics and spirituality.

A psychic reader introduced me to the work of Robert Camp, which I studied casually for a number of years before officially enrolling as a student. Later, I became interested in the work of Iain McLaren-Owens, whose methods differed considerably from Camp’s. I corresponded with him by e-mail for a number of years, gradually developing a method of my own that incorporates techniques from both of these learned individuals, as well as some innovations of my own.

It’s important to emphasize that my work in no ways resembles that of psychic readers. What I do is counseling, and that involves discussing your background and issues beforehand, researching the influence that the cards are exerting, and explaining all of this in a personal session focused on finding a solution for your situation, problem, issue or need.