Ancient Science of the Cards

The Ancient Science of the Cards is not a psychic science, channeling, or fortune telling. It is distinct from astrology, numerology, and tarot. You don’t have to be interested in either metaphysics or spirituality to benefit from it. It’s practical, down-to-earth, easy to understand, and offers you the benefit of many standard counseling or therapy sessions in one easy, over-the-phone consultation.

From the moment of our birth, we set out on a path that is already charted by the cards. All we need to do is to know where to look and how to interpret the symbolic language of the cards in order to see them operating in our relationships and day-to-day experience.

The cards are like signposts along life’s road. They are fixed and unchangeable, but each card has its high and low manifestations. Those whose lives are successful and happy have learned to access the higher levels of expression in their cards.

If we can work in alignment with these influences, we can maximize their benefits, learn their lessons, experience growth, and live a life of our own, rather than one of default. Ultimately, the cards offer us a path of transformation, an opportunity to become what we truly want to be in life.