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Karma-Seeker Consultation Services

Karma-Seeker offers several types of consultation services. These are commonly referred to as “readings,” because they involve the interpretation of influences symbolically represented through the “language” of the cards. They are not, however, to be confused with psychic readings or any type of prediction, soothsaying, or fortune telling. They are practical, down-to-earth, interactive sessions that address your most pressing concerns in life and help you arrive at your own solutions in a natural and pragmatic way.

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Interested in getting an idea of what to expect during the coming year? You’ll want to schedule a Yearly Forecast Reading.

If you’re concerned with a relationship issue, we recommend a Relationship Reading.

In case you have a matter that requires a definite solution, the best type of consultation is a Solution Reading.

When primarily concerned with business or investment issues, you can request a Professional Reading.

Finally, if you’re interested in more than one of these types of consultations, you can schedule a lengthier Combination Reading.

You may also request a written summary report of any of these consultations, delivered via e-mail for a small additional fee. These are not canned, computer-generated reports, but summaries of the consultation session personally typed and sent to you within 24-hours.

Yearly Forecast Reading

A Destiny Reading session can provide invaluable knowledge about yourself, including:

  • Your natural gifts, your greatest challenges, and how to get the most out of your life
  • The influences currently at work in your life, and those you can expect in the upcoming year
  • The opportunities you have to attain your goals, wishes, and desires, both personal and professional

Relationship Reading

A Relationship Reading session offers insight into your personal chemistry with others, allowing you to:

  • Determine your compatibility with a potential partner
  • Deal with the complexities of an existing relationship
  • Make necessary adjustments in your personal, business, financial, or on-the-job interactions with others

Solution Reading

A Solution Reading session provides perspective on a current problem, question, or personal issue by:

  • Confirming your inmost thoughts and feelings
  • Helping you make an important choice or decision
  • Giving you a more spiritual viewpoint, understanding, or insight into your question, problem, or issue

Professional Reading

The Ancient Science of the Cards can help you in your business by:

  • Identifying advantageous and disadvantageous periods for investment, buying and selling of real estate, or entering into legal agreements.
  • Advising you what to expect for a specific period or date in which you anticipate a transaction.
  • Giving you solid information on business relationships, whether involving a partner, financial advisor, or legal representative, as long as you can supply the birth date of the other party.
  • Providing you with forecasts or information for an entire company, given its date of incorporation.

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