Looking at Celebrity Relationships

Calculating the Composite and Point-of-View Cards are the most basic aspect of card chemistry, and can enable us to take a quick glance at any relationship. Practice is the best way to become familiar with this method, and fortunately, there are thousands of individuals in the public eye for whom we have birth information. These can can furnish us with examples that can be informative, entertaining, and above all helpful is gaining greater experience with Cardology, the Ancient Science of the Cards. For basic instructions on how to find the Composite and POV Cards, see the previous blog entitled “An Introduction to Card Chemistry.” Let’s take a look at a few random examples of public figures in relationships and see what we can glean abouit them from their card chemistry:

1. Amy Winehouse 9-14-83 (10♣/4♦) and Blake Fielder-Civil 4-16-82 (5♦/Q♣): This was a notorious co-dependent relationship that was fuel and fodder for endless gossip and tabloid headlines. Fielder-Civil was accused of introducing Amy Winehouse to hard drugs such as heroin and crack and being partially responsible for her eventual suicide, charges which he vehemently denied.

When we take a look at their Mercury and Venus Composites and their Mercury and Venus Shadow Composites, we find all of them to be in Hearts, which testifies to a very strong emotional connection between the two. Very interesting, however, is the contrast between the Birth Card Composites and the Shadow Composites. The 2♥ and 6♥ Birth Card Composites testify to the extreme closeness and attraction generated by this relationship, but the 3♥ and 9♥ Shadow Composites, are much more ambivalent and cautionary, revealing a destructive tendency underneath the surface.

2. Dean Martin 6-7-17 (10♦/Q♣) and Jerry Lewis 3-26-26 (10♣/7♠). This was another notorious relationship–a close partnership for years, then a break that resulted in total animosity for nearly the rest of their lives.

We see the unmistakable signs of this in the 7♥ Composite Card. It is very typical with this card as a Composite Card that the relationship is originally a close one but eventually breaks down due to the internal stresses built into the card itself. The 5♥ Shadow Venus Composite, puts the seal on this, since this card is very often a divorce card.

3. Harrison Ford  7/13/42 (2♦/2♣) and Carrie Fisher 10/23/56 (A♣/6♣): Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher had a torrid, three-month affair during the filming of Star Wars, unbeknownst to other people in the cast, including Mark Hamill. The affair was totally one-sided, with Carrie Fisher head-over-heels with her older, married co-star, and Harrison Ford treating the whole thing casually.

The doomed nature of the relationship is evident in the 9♣ Venus Composite and J♠ Venus Shadow Composite Cards. The one-sided nature of the relationship is seen in Fisher’s 4♥ POV Card vs. Ford’s 5♣ and her A♥ Shadow POV Card compared to his 10♠. The fact that she viewed Ford almost like a parent is shown by the 4♥ POV Card, as well, since it’s primarily a family card.

4. Jay Leno 4/28/50 (6♣/K♦) and Mavis Nicholson 9/5/46 (6♦/K♥): Married since 1980 (over 40 years). A good example of an enduring marriage.

Here we can see a typical power-couple relationship, with strong Composite and Shadow Composite Cards and evenly matched POV Cards.

5. John McEnroe 2-16-59 (9♦/6♦) and Patty Smyth 6-26-57 (4♣/6♦): Another highly successful celebrity marriage that has lasted over 25 years. These cards are almost a mirror image of the ones for Jay Leno and his wife, with the Composite Kings on the Birth Card side and the Queen and Ten on the Shadow Side.

6. Johnny Cash 2/26 (Q♣/9♠), Vivian Liberto (1st wife) 4/23 (J♣/5♠), and June Carter (2nd wife) 6/23 (7♣/9♦): Before the dreamy romance between Johnny Cash and June Carter took center stage, before their chemistry became so strong that even fans could not look past it, and before Cash and Carter became the king and queen of country music with an enthralling love story to their names, there was another woman in Cash’s life, his first wife, Vivian Liberto. She was pushed so far to the sidelines that people barely remember her ever being in the picture, but she was the one who suffered after Cash’s famous love affair. Liberto later admitted that she never stopped loving Cash. Even after their marriage came to an end, she watched from afar as her husband lived out the rest of his years with Carter.

A so-called Sun/Moon relationship (two Birth Cards that are adjacent within the natural order of the deck) is often the basis for a strong marriage relationship, but the resulting POV Cards will also be adjacent (one odd and one even) and in certain cases, this can be a sign of a fatal weakness in the relationship. In the case of the 9♣ and the 8♣, we have strongly contrasting POV Cards. The 9♣ on Johnny Cash’s side is a card of disappointment and disillusionment, while the 8♣ on Vivian Liberto’s side is a card of fixed-mindedness and fidelity, which explains why she never fell out of love with him.

The intensity of Johnny Cash’s relationship with June Carter, on the other hand, can be explained mainly by the 6♠ Composite Card, which is indicative of a karmic relationship. It’s also bolstered by the close similarity of the 9♠ and 9♦ Shadow Cards.

7. Keith Raniere 8-26-60 (K♥/10♣) and Allison Mack 7-29-82 (Q♥/Q♣): Here we have a relationship of a sex cult master to his slave. The NXIVM co-founder was sentenced to life in prison in 2020 and his protegee pleaded guilty to sex trafficking and racketeering.

In this case, we have another Sun/Moon relationship–two Birth Cards that are adjacent in the natural order of the cards. In these relationships, the high card is always the natural leader and the low card the natural follower. Notice that the Composite Q♣ also matches her Shadow Card. This makes her unconscious self vulnerable to the influence of the relationship with Raniere. Notice also that their Venus Composite matches his Shadow Card. This suggests that their intimacy unlocks the darker aspects of his nature, or that he can gain control over her through sex. Then there is their 9♠ Shadow Composite and A♠ Shadow Venus Composite, both fateful cards that suggest a destructive ending.

8. Martha Stewart 8-3-41 (10♦/7♣) and Snoop Dogg 10-20-71 (2♣/7♣): On the lighter side, here’s an example of two unlikely friends. Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg have little in common culturally, but the chemistry between the pair on the VH1 series Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party was undeniable. The reason is pretty easy to see:

In addition to strong Q♠ and 10♠ Birth Card Composites, they share the same 7♣ Shadow Card, giving them a great deal in common under the surface. Their 8♥ Shadow POV Cards also speak of a strong emotional connection, again under the surface.

9. John Lennon 10/9/40 (K♣/5♦) and Paul McCartney 6/18/42 (Q♣/A♠) compared with Elton John 3-25-47 (J♣/8♣) and Bernie Taupin 5-22-50 (10♣/2♠) compared with Mick Jagger 7-26-43 (2♣/2♦) and Keith Richards 12-18-43 (K♥/K♥): John Lennon and Paul McCartney together represented the most creative force in modern popular music, yet it is well-known that their partnership was more of a competition than a collaboration.

The powerful K♣ and Q♣ Birth Cards, their Q♠ and 10♠ Composites and Q♣  and J♣ POV Cards testify to the tremendous creative potential in the relationship. However, in the Sun/Moon relationship between the K♣ and Q♣ Birth Cards, John Lennon’s K♣ was the natural leader, and when this was challenged by Paul McCartney, competition and later conflict ensued. The potential for conflict is also seen in the J♠ and 7♥ Shadow POV Cards, the J♠ being a fundamentally untrustworthy card and the 7♥ a card in which emotional investment is often not rewarded. Finally, the 5♥ Shadow Venus Composite is a card of eventual divorce or separation.

If we look at another songwriting duo, Elton John and Bernie Taupin, we see a similarly dynamic Sun/Moon relationship with only slightly lower value cards: the J♣ and 10♣ instead of the K♣ and Q♣. The difference was that Elton John and Bernie Taupin had a clear division of labor. Elton John was the natural leader in the relationship and this was not challenged by Bernie Taupin, who simply contributed the lyrics. The relationship is not quite as high-powered, but is considerably more stable with the 10♥ and 4♦ in the Shadow Composite positions.

Mick Jagger and Keith Richards also are a songwriting team, but here the dynamic is quite different. Instead of being built on a Sun/Moon relationship, it’s built on Twos, which are cooperation and partnership cards, in the initial Composite positions.

While this relationship may be less potent creatively, it’s nevertheless much steadier and potentially much more long-lasting. The 2♦ and 2♠ as Composite and Shadow Composite Cards are both cards of partnership and cooperation, while the two Sixes in the Venus Composite and Venus Shadow Composite positions are both cards that tend to be stable and enduring.

10. Pete Davidson 11/16/93 (4♣/6♣) and Ariana Grande 6/26/93 (4♣/6♦): This is the case of a couple that got engaged and broke their engagement in the same year, so we expect to see some volatility in their card chemistry.

What we see is identical 4♣ Birth Cards and very similar 6♣/6♦ Shadow Cards, so this is a case of two fundamentally similar individuals attracted to one another. The volatility can be seen in the untrustworthy J♠ as the Venus Composite, as well as the 5♣ and 5♦ Shadow POV Cards.

11. Woody Allen 12-1-19(4♦/4♥) and Dylan Farrow 7/11/85 (4♦/4♣): No one, aside from Woody Allen himself, knows what happened between him and Dylan Farrow on August 4,. 1992–whether he really molested her, and if so, what the molestation actually consisted of. But it’s clear that he had an unhealthy fixation with his adoptive daughter and had evinced a pattern of grossly inappropriate behavior with her that long preceded the alleged assault.

There is a great deal in their card chemistry that confirms this. First of all, they have identical 4♦ Birth Cards and similar 4♥ and 4♣ Shadow Cards, so in terms of card chemistry there was a deep commonality between them, and Woody undoubtedly picked up on this and this was the main impetus for the unhealthy fixation he developed for her. Their 8♥ Composite Card is one of intense feeling, even passion, and their 8♣ Shadow Composite can be a card of mental fixation and obsession. The four Queens as POV Cards emphasize the feminine principle at play in the relationship, and the two Jacks as Venus Composites testify to the immaturity and potential for deception, at the heart of the bond between them.

12. Prince William 6-21-82 (9♣/J♦) and Prince Harry 9-15-84 (9♣/3♦): Although these brothers are said to have been very close growing up, they have apparently grown apart. The reason is not hard to see in their card chemistry:

Here again, we have a case of identical Birth Cards, this time the 9♣, which testifies to the initial closeness of the relationship. But then we have a 5♠ Composite Card, which is all about change and distancing, and A♣ POV Cards, which indicate increasing independence from one another. The A♣ POV Cards are mirrored again in the A♣ Shadow Composite.

I hope that these examples give you some idea of how the most basic Card Chemistry techniques of finding the Composite and POV Cards can be used to do a quick snapshot analysis of any relationship and the way in which celebrity relationships can be used to gain insight and valuable practice in this aspect of Cardology, the Ancient Science of the Cards.