The Predictive Power of Cardology

I predicted that Donald Trump would win the 2016 presidential election and that he would lose the 2020 election. Moreover, I did it relatively simply and easily using Cardology, a system based on the symbols found in an ordinary deck of playing cards. You can harness the power of this system for your own benefit, to help you understand and work with the forces behind your current life circumstances.

During the period between the major party conventions and the presidential elections of 2016 and 2020, I looked at many astrological sites for predictions concerning the outcome. In 2016, almost all of them predicted a Hillary Clinton victory and in 2020 most of them predicted a Trump victory. With hindsight, anyone looking at these predictions in the wake of the elections would come to the conclusion that, even in the hands of experts, astrology is of little use in predicting the future. Cardology, on the other hand, offers a fast and easy means of prediction, and one that can be mastered by anyone.

Instead of using actual playing cards, cardologists utilize a few specialized tools in the form of three main charts. The first is a single-page Birth Card chart that allows us to find a Birth Card for every person based on the day in the calendar year on which they were born. You can find this Birth Card chart on the About Cardology page on this website.

The second is a series of twelve charts of Planetary Period dates, one for each month of the year, which allows us to locate anyone at any moment in time within one of seven 52-Day Periods of their Yearly Age Cycle. These periods, named after the major planetary influences are dubbed the Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune periods.

The third is a series of ninety Age Spread charts that allow us to find the key cards that will influence a person in the course of their Yearly Cycle, as well as within each of the seven 52-Day Periods of that cycle. By looking for certain cards that are either auspicious or cautionary, we can get a good idea of what to expect during the individual periods and the year as a whole.

The 2016 Election

In August of 2016, I began by looking up both Donald Trump’s and Hillary Clinton’s birth dates, which were June 14, 1946 and October 26, 1947, respectively. Then I looked up these dates on the Birth Card chart and found their Birth Cards: the 3♦ for Donald Trump and the 9♥ for Hillary Clinton. Trump was already 70 years old, and would be so through the election. Hillary was 68 years old, and would turn 69 just twelve days before the election.

Next, I looked at the Planetary Period charts to see exactly which 52-Day Periods they would be in at the time of the election. Trump, I found, would be in his third 52-Day Period, known as the Mars Period. Hillary would have just finished the seventh period of her Age 68 cycle, known as the Neptune Period, and be just beginning the first period of her Age 69 Cycle, known as the Mercury Period. It was the cards for these periods that I was most anxious to examine.

Looking at Trump’s Cards for his Mars Period, I found the 3♠ sitting over, or “displacing” the A♠–that is, occupying the square native to the A♠.  The 3♠ was a somewhat ambivalent card, but the A♠ was quite interesting. This card tends to signify new beginnings, new enterprises, and a new job or undertaking, often one that is in some way fated, and also one that may prove to be too much for the individual, and beyond his or her powers and abilities.

Hillary’s Age 69 Mercury Card was not particularly revealing, but when I looked at her Age 68 Neptune Card, it turned out to be the 9♣. The 9♣ in Neptune is commonly interpreted as representing a major life disappointment, a period in which a person’s longtime cherished dream will most likely come to an end. That card, alone, convinced me that she would lose the election. The one thing that puzzled me was that the period in which this card was in effect would be over before the vote would actually occur. The conclusion I came to after the election was over was that Hillary had been under such a perfect storm of negative influences in the days leading up to the vote that, in essence, she had already lost the election before it even took place.

The 2020 Election

In 2020, Trump’s opponent was Joe Biden. Trump was Age 74, again in his Mars Period at the time of the election and in his Saturn period during the time of the inauguration. Biden, born on November 20, 1942, would be Age 77 and in his Neptune Period at the time of the election and in his Age 78 Mercury Period at the time of inauguration. His Birth Card was the K♥.

The key cards in this case belonged to Trump. The cards for his Mars Period were a mixed bag, but he had the powerful K♠ in his Jupiter period, between the election and the inauguration, and the disappointing 9♣ in his Age 74 Saturn period. This was a clear indication that while the election results might be initially uncertain, and that Trump would take full advantage of all his power in the subsequent period between the election and the inauguration, he would suffer a major disappointment at the time of the inauguration. For this reason alone, I felt that Biden’s victory was assured.

The same basic technique can be used to get a good idea of what you can expect in terms of your card influences for the coming year. If you are interested in a personal consultation of this type, you can request a Yearly Forecast Reading via this website.