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What our clients say about our services

Over the past few years, Stefan has taught me about the cards. I found them to be more accurate than astrology for daily readings, more informative for overall understanding of life, and more realistic for consultation on issues, situations, and relationships. I highly recommend Stefan for readings or to further one’s understanding of this fascinating ancient art.

I’ve seen Stefan Meyer for card readings on a few occasions and I have found him to be extremely thorough. The science of the cards appears complicated at first, but Stefan explains it well and makes it very clear and easy to understand.

When I first heard about Stefan Meyer’s work I was intrigued but skeptical. My full life reading with him, however, yielded amazingly resonant information. It felt deeply affirming and useful, and gave me perspective on how to approach the coming months. At the end of the reading he arrayed the cards in response to a pressing question I had… again providing specific and useful information. I now look forward to a reading with him at every birthday.

I have called upon Stefan to do readings for me a few times when I was at a crossroad and didn’t know which path to take. He has consistently given me insight and options I hadn’t previously considered. When I took what the reading said and applied it to my problem, I found the results to be truly helpful. Stefan has great perception and his ability to read the cards is not only entertaining and exciting, but I was astonished at how it gave me clarity and hope, sometimes when I could see no possible answers to my dilemma. I am so glad I have had the benefit of his caring work.

This is not Tarot. I have had readings by several “Tarot” interpreters and though I have had some accurate readings, it always seemed to me to be a bit vague. This system is a scientific approach based on sound principles of numbers associated with “regular playing cards” to help you better understand obstacles that come up in all of our lives. Stefan, with his knowledge of the meanings and combinations of the “spreads”, helps you uncover where your challenges will be as well as your blessings.

We have all heard the saying, “It’s all in the cards”, well that statement couldn’t be more true. Our lives are laid out in front of us, our job is to take the lemons that come up and turn them into lemonade, as well as using opportune moments to further enhance our happiness. This system will, without doubt, help you to accomplish both. I find Stefan extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic in his approach and you are welcome to contact me for a more detailed opinion.

Stefan’s reports served as tools that enabled me, on both a personal and professional level, to calm down and assess the situation objectively and subjectively. As a result of that, I highly recommend that you consult Stefan before taking a major step in life or professional matters.

“I’ve been getting readings with Stefan for over ten years. He is very knowledgeable and intuitive when interpreting destiny cards. His readings are always based on pragmatic guidance and advice. I highly recommend having a reading with Stefan whether it be for a general outlook for the year or to focus on a particular issue.”

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