Hello, I’m Stefan G. Meyer, Ph.D.

Expert personal counseling via the Ancient Science of the Cards

  • I’m among the leading researchers and practitioners of the Ancient Science of the Cards in the world
  • The author of the leading book on Card Chemistry, the Ancient Science of Relationships
  • A student of the methods of Robert Camp and Iain McLaren-Owens, the foremost experts in this field
  • Able to conference worldwide via phone, Skype, or WhatsApp.
  • I offer written reports specifically tailored to your needs
  • Provide follow-up via E-mail
  • Bring a solution-oriented approach to my practice
  • Present a spiritual alternative to mainstream counseling
  • Focus instantly on the problem, question, or issue at hand without lengthy analysis
  • All this, at extremely reasonable fees.

Stefan Meyer’s method provides an alternative to many much more time-consuming and expensive counseling services, including family counseling, marriage counseling, couples counseling, investment counseling, and life coaching. It also provides an alternative to fortune telling, tarot reading, or other psychic methods that can be vague and even misleading. His Solution Readings, Relationship Readings, and Destiny readings are scientific, practical, down-to-earth, and easy to understand. He offiers in-person consultations Boston metropolitan area, as well as long-distance consultations, via phone or Skype, nationwide and worldwide.​

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New from Stefan G. Meyer

Card Chemistry: The Secret Science of Relationships.

Stefan G. Meyer introduces a method of analyzing relationships that almost anyone can easily understand and practice. He offers a step-by-step approach to this system, including worksheets that can be printed out and used for personal practice. Chapters include Finding the Birth Card, the Suits and Face Card Values, the Composite Card, the Point-of-View Cards, the Spiritual and Life Spreads, the Dynamic Cards, the Links in the Spreads, the Life Path, the Nadir, Zenith, and Moon’s Node Cards, the Composite Life Path, and more.

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